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Seeking approval from the owners of the Shores for the installation of entry and exit Gates.

We wanted to give you a better picture of why the board was considering the installation of new access gates to the shore’s property.

We have been experiencing over the years an increase in the amount people who are using our facilities and grounds who are not owners/relatives or friends of the shore’s community. Many have used our entry way for a turnaround and others have just stopped in to takes pictures on the adult deck, use the pool or dump off some garbage. Last fall the board decided to get a quote on what the cost would be to install and entry and exit gate to shores property. The quote came in for $8k that would include the base, key pad, electrical system and breakaway arms. We have the funds to cover this cost so no assessment will be needed.

The distance between Perry St. and the gates will permit three cars deep and if necessary two cars wide. The gates are breakaway in the event that someone gets blocked in it takes no effort to drive forward through the gate the gate will drop and will cause no damage to the automobile or the gate. The entrance gate will open once the code is typed into the code reader. Each unit owner will have independent codes and an additional code for guests, housekeeping staff, maintenance and contractors. Law enforcement and emergency will have open access through the gates upon approach. Renters will be assigned a rotating code that will drop off at scheduled intervals. Any problems with the system will be addressed by the on-sight security staff and an afterhours phone number will be monitored on a 24 hr. bases. Once the gates are installed, we will have a 30-day trial period (gate will open automatically upon approach) so we can all get acclimated to the new gate system.

We are asking for your vote to add NEW entry and exit gates at the Shores property. Please reply to this email by typing your vote YES or NO no later than Monday June 30th 2019.


The Shores Board

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